Sharing the gospel online


Below are some suggestions of good websites and materials you can use when sharing the gospel online — and for building up your own faith.


Website with testimonies

The Jesus movie and other media material in more than 1000 languages.

Large collection of short films in different languages. The films are about a variety of subjects and is a good way to introduce the gospel.

Really cool video that shows the gravity of sin and the love of God.

Video and image resources to use when sharing the gospel.

The world’s largest collection of audio recordings in different languages. The stories of the Bible retold, discipleship material etc.

Good quality movies that present the gospel in several languages. Also on youtube.

Good quality movies based on real events. Stories about Muslims that have met Christ through revelations and dreams. Available in several languages.

Resource site with books and booklets that share and explain the gospel to muslims, differences/similarities between the Christian and Muslim faiths etc. Available in several languages and good both for teaching christians and sharing the gospel with muslims.

Small book in story form. Explains the gospel to muslims. Available in several languages.

A multimedia film that presents the gospel from creation to Christ. Available in several languages.

Website with lots of good resources. Presents the gospel and the foundations of the Christian life.

Website that presents the gospel through video clips and personal testimonies.

Focuses on students and young adults but is also a very good resource for all ages. Answers the most frequent questions about the Christian faith. You can also ask questions about faith and get help to begin studying the Bible etc.


Becoming an online missionary:

Mission organization for evangelism on the internet. Has many websites that present the gospel. Offers the opportunity of getting involved as a online missionary.

International network working with evangelization online.

Resource site with information and helps for evangelism online.

Resource site about the world’s least reached people groups. Has a lot of good advice on how you can pray and get involved.




All Nations

Facebook page that presents news about what God is doing around the world. Presents opportunities for you to get inspired and equipped for your Christian life and getting involved in missions.


Jesus for all

Facebook page that shares people’s life stories and encounters with Christ.


Mobile apps:


The ”Youversion” Bible

The Bible in your mobile. Available in hundreds of translations and languages. Bible study plans, audio Bible and many more resources. Has more than 1,6 billion downloads.


God Tools

Aids for sharing your faith. Provides lots of resources via your phone in several languages. Can be used even without internet access.


Jesus film media

The Jesus film app. The Jesus film and lots more resources in over 1000 languages.



The world’s biggest collection of audio recordings in lots of languages. The Bible’s stories retold and discipleship material. Easy to share with friends.


Unreached of the day

Pray for an unreached people group every day.


Other media resources:


Passion of the Christ, The Bible


Online Courses:

Maybe the best course for understanding, loving and as a christian, reaching out to muslims. This course book can also be bought separately.

Foundational and thorough course in missions. Possibly one of the most powerful mission courses in our time. The course book can also be bought separately.

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