Sharing the gospel online


Share what christians believe about God, Christ, the love of God, grace, forgiveness, peace, peace with God, the purpose of life. Also, life after death, heaven, salvation. Or, who is God? what does God mean to me? What is the Bible and what does it mean to me? Further, what is the Church and what does it mean to me? And, what happens after death? good relationships – good and evil, mercy, what is prayer? How can one pray? Is it possible to believe even if I have doubts? Signs and wonders, healing that I or someone close to me has experienced, my baptism, Christ in relation to other religions, something that I’ve learnt about God, the Bible or myself, and what it means to me etc.

This site is a ministry of All Nations, Sweden.

We are an evangelical mission organisation focusing on mission mobilisation and the least reached people groups.

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