To think about

Sharing the gospel online

To think about

Many believers are afraid of sharing their faith online. Others are constantly preaching and only speak about God. Be bold, but wise and balanced in what you share. Your very radical statement or sermon about repentance might impress your Christian friends, but the question is: does it lead non-believers closer to Christ? While the social media is rarely suited to sermons and debates, real life stories and personal experiences are great opportunities to impact people. Avoid religious language that your friends might not understand. You might want to study what your friends share, what they like, comment on and follow. That way it’ll be easier to share things that will feel relevant to them. You don’t need to know everything about the Bible or the Christian faith to give a testimony. A “witness” in a court of law is not expected to speak about things s/he has not seen or experienced. A witness shares the things s/he knows first hand. This has a greater effect than you might think. It’s difficult to debate a person’s experience. You will never have answers to all the questions that people have. You’re not God. Still, get to know the questions that people usually have about Christianity (your pastor/youth leader will be glad to help you out or you might also want to look into the links in this booklet). If you don’t have an answer when someone asks you a question, don’t be afraid to say: “I don’t know, but I’ll try to find out and will get back to you.” In the end it’s the Holy Spirit and the Word of God that converts people. Our love, not our knowledge is the most powerful weapon.

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