What you can do

Sharing the gospel online

What you can do

Your imagination is the only limit as to how you can use the internet to share the message about Christ. Below are some examples of what you can do. Seek the leading of the Holy Spirit and become an internet missionary in the way the Lord leads you.

1. ‘Like’ and follow good Christian facebook pages, twitter accounts, blogs, websites etc. They will help you grow in faith and provide you with knowledge and material to share with believing and non-believing friends.

2. Use social media: facebook, twitter and instagram to share about a good Christian book that you’ve read. Or why not do a youtube review?

3. Start a youtube channel where you share your testimony — what God means to you or what Jesus has done in your life — answering questions about your faith. Sing a song if you can.

(Don’t feel that your testimony has to be an extraordinary story about deliverance from drug addiction or someone who’s been raised from the dead. What Jesus means to you is good enough! Of course you can start by sharing videos about other things and after that, share your faith. Always avoid things that will hurt your testimony.)

4. Upload good christian movies, music, sermons etc. on youtube, vimeo and other media sites. ‘Like’ good videos that are already out there. That way they get a wider circulation and higher ranking.

(Avoid sectarian videos with speculations about the antichrist or criticism of other christians. Prioritize things that point to Christ, how to get saved and what the Christian life is about).

5. Start a twitter account and share bible portions that mean something to you. Share links to good christian websites and talk about positive things God has done during the week, things happening in church etc.

6. Start an instagram or flickr account were you can use your creative ability. Upload photos showing what’s happening in your church/youth ministry, beautiful scenery, your family/friends or yourself. Combine them with bible verses, testimonies and your gratitude and love to God.

7. Start a blog where you write about your everyday life and hobbies, but also share your personal testimony. Write about the christian life etc.

8. Write and update wikipedia articles about your church or pastor. Maybe you can write something about your church work on your local municipality’s wikipedia page etc.

(Be sure you have the facts straight before writing anything!)

9. Write a review on christian books and movies on amazon. When a good christian book gets reviews more people are inclined to buy and read it.

10. Share a good quote from your pastor, youth leader or other christian leader on the social media platform of your choice.

11. Retweet, like, repost etc. powerful and thoughtful posts about faith and the gospel. This will give the posts a wider audience and your friends will be reached with the word of God. Maybe they’ll become curious and begin to ask questions that you, of course, will be happy to answer!

12. Check in on facebook when you are in church, at a youth meeting etc. That way you’ll spread information about your church and arouse curiosity among other people.

13. Make a google map review of your church or another good church! Go to www.maps.google.com and write something positive about your experience of the church in question.

14. Donate to a facebook ad that shares the gospel with tens of thousands. All Nations is a mission organization that shares the gospel on facebook. To finance an ad contact info@allnations.se. You can also create your own ad to promote effective christian material. (See suggestions below).

For information about how to create an ad go to:


15. When you # hashtag # something it will spread and get a high ranking and online exposure. Tag conferences, youth events and other happenings.

16. The internet is full of chat forums, blogs, facebook groups etc. While many forums aren’t christian, lots of people with a spiritual longing can be found there. Get involved in conversations, share your testimony and present the gospel.

(Avoid debates with people who only want discussion! These rarely produce good fruit. Having the last word isn’t the most important thing. Pointing to Jesus in a loving manner is. If a discussion begins to get aggressive its time to end it. Otherwise you can risk losing what you have sown. Let the Holy Spirit lead you. If you feel led, direct interested people to some of the websites below. You must judge whether you have the spiritual maturity needed to share the gospel in a certain forum/group. If it affects you negatively more than you affect others positively it’s advisable to step aside and let a more mature and stronger believer focus on that field.)

17. Comment and link to blog posts, youtube videos, twitter, google+ etc.

(Always maintain a kind and loving tone in everything you say and do. You might want to look for and comment on posts about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, religion, truth, family, repentance, gratefulness, grace, forgiveness, the purpose of life, love, life after death, heaven, hell, the Bible, spirituality etc.)

18. Become an internet missionary through a organization that has the internet as its mission field. As a volunteer you can answer questions about faith and help people to a Christian life.

(For more info visit: globalmediaoutreach.org)

19. Answer questions about Christian faith on yahoo answers.

20. Create a website. It doesn’t have to be about faith. Quite the opposite. It might be better to have a site about one of your hobbies — motorbikes, aquarium fish, baking, working-out etc. That way you’ll get visitors who otherwise wouldn’t be interested in a purely Christian site. Since Christ is the most important person in your life it’ll be natural to share what God means to you in your everyday life, and what he’s done for you etc.

21. Create facebook events to invite people to special events in Church, fellowship etc.

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